Four Things Third Coast Does To Make Your Hunt Better

In my over 50 years of goose hunting, I have made the observation that there are four things that people don't like about goose hunting.

1) They don't like walking and carrying hunting stuff into the field.

When I started goose hunting we didn't have 4-wheelers or carriers for decoys, guns, ammunition, etc. We literally had to carry the stuff into the field on our backs. I can remember making multiple trips back and forth, carrying decoys, guns, ammunition -- all on my back, slogging through the mud and combine ruts in the dark. Not fun.

Well it is 2019, and the solution has been found. I have purchased a 4-seater Kawasaki Mule with tracks. Not only will it carry you to the field, but all your stuff, too. NO WALKING!

The Legend trying out the Green Monster for the first time.

2) They don't like getting up early to put decoys out.

All decoys will be preset before each Third Coast hunt. There might be some adjustments for the wind, but Third Coast customers will be able to sleep another hour while the guides do the work.

3) They don't like laying in the mud.

This seems to be the toughest to conquer. Geese have extremely good eyes. Concealment is essential to great hunting. The unique solution has been to dress in all white and actually become a decoy. This requires the hunter to be laying below the decoys, putting the hunter in a prone position and requiring hunters from shooting while laying on their backs. If there has been rain, the hunter is also laying in the mud.

This year we will have back boards to lay on to keep our butts out of the mud.

4) Snow geese don't taste good.

To be sure, snow geese don't have the favorable taste of speckle-bellies or ducks. They are much leaner, and if you don't purge the blood then they have a bloody, livery taste. Soaking them in cold saline water to purge the blood removes the wild livery taste. The meat is very lean and if baked will be very dry. I have eaten it as jerky or chicken-fried and found it to be similar to grass feed beef. Regardless they are very sporty and fun to shoot. If you don't want your game, we will clean the birds and give the meat to charity.

Here's a great recipe my wife uses:

Directions: First, breast the goose and spilt the breast into two halves. They are easier to work with in smaller portions. Then, place in a bowl or Ziploc bag with a cold brine solution for 24 hours to purge the gamey taste. Store in the fridge during this process.

After the meat has been purged for at least 24 hours, prepare the breast half to become a steak. Place between to pieces of saran wrap and pound with a meat hammer or heavy skillet to tenderize the meat. Hit the breast with the meat hammer until the steak is at least 1/4 in depth. Depending on how much the meat spreads upon tenderizing/beating, cut the steak into 2-3 6 oz portions.

This is a picture of beef, but you want to get to this depth of meat when preparing the breast.

Next, prepare the batter for the frying. Get two shallow bowls. Fill one bowl with flour, garlic powder, onion powder, salt and pepper. Fill the second bowl with egg and water (or milk). Beat the egg.

Find your favorite frying pan and add enough oil to cover the bottom about 1/4-inches. Heat over a medium flame until the oil is hot. Test the oil by dropping a little flour in the oil to see if it fries. You don't want the oil too hot, but you want it hot enough where it will cook evenly.

Dip one piece of the meat in the egg mixture. Once the meat is covered, dredge with the flour mixture. Repeat dipping in the egg mixture and flour until there are two healthy coverings of the flour crust on the meat.

Please the steak in the oil and allow the oil to fry the breading and the meat till it's golden brown. Flip to the other side. After the steak if fried, place on plate covered with a paper towel (to absorb the excess oil) and start making the next steak.


1 Goose Breast cut into halves, and then tenderized

4 cups of flour

1 tablespoon of garlic powder

1 tablespoon of onion powder

1 teaspoon of salt

2 teaspoon of pepper

4 cups of canola oil


Saran Wrap

Meat hammer

Shallow bowls

Frying pan or heavy skillet




Use BBB or BB shot. 10 gauge is best, but 12 gauge is fine.



Wear something that will keep your backside dry on cold wet ground. Goose hunting is an extreme sport, and you are in the elements - be prepared.



Wear dark or white clothing. Do not wear hunter orange. Unlike deer hunting, we do not need to see each other since we are shooting in the same direction.

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